Planning a trip to Salekhard?

       What time of year is the most favorable for a trip to Salekhard, and when you should not come? Here you will learn more about this...


They say that is no bad weather. When it comes to the weather in Salekhard, it is better not to use this expression, because only the Arctic is further north than it. Salekhard is a town on the Polar Circle, and no where else but in Western Siberia. No warm currents like the Gulf Stream pass near it. It is almost always very cold here.

Yamal's winter

According to the Wikipedia, the average January temperature is -23.2 C, and in July it is 14.8 C. These are the bare facts. In real life the weather is as follows: from November till the end of February the thermometer, in the language of meteorologists, does not rise above -20-40 C. Most often the frost is in the range of -25-30 C, more rarely -35 C. But it happens, truth be told, that the air is cooling to -40 C and below. The peculiarity of February is strong winds, so even a harmless -15-20 C turn to -30 C. Almost all of December and January pass away during the polar night. The sun rises a little above the horizon during lunch and hides again, plunging everything into the night. Keep in mind that Salekhard’s frost is tolerated much easier than the southern one due to the dry air. 

Yamal's spring

March-April are -15-10 C. Lots of sun and light. It’s great time to travel to Salekhard.

The first spring months March and April in Salekhard are certainly not much different from the usual Russian winter by their weather conditions – сold frost and sunshine, like the classicist said. Comfortable temperatures, bright sun and long light day – the perfect time for a trip to Salekhard. The temperature in May ranges from -10 to +5 C. May is an off-season, time of the ice drift, bad roads and high winds. Usually, in the second half of the month, when the ice breaks and goes downstream, the weather is markedly improving, it becomes warmer and the approach of spring is finally felt. Then it is +15 C and even warmer. 

Yamal's summer

Summer, perhaps, is the most capricious and unpredictable season in the north. The average temperature is +15-18 C, but occasionally it goes to extremes: once it is 0 C, and then +30 C. If we are unlucky with the summer, it is +10 +15 C and rains. If we are lucky, it’s +18 +25 C (June-July) and +15 +17 C (August). Moreover, the summer means the white nights. The sun never goes under. Cloudberry, cranberry and blueberry ripe in the tundra, and there are mushrooms, too. August and early September, no doubt, are the best “seasons” for travel to Salekhard along with March and April. 

Yamal's autumn

Short northern summer gradually turns into autumn, and in September-October it gets colder – up to + 5-15 C. September, as well as the summer months, is a good time to come to the Arctic Circle, as Yamal nature sparkles, to say unadorned, like a rainbow in early autumn. And in late October, usually, the first snow falls.